Affirmations – Change Your Mind, One Day at a Time

We are bombarded by messages all day long - from advertising and marketing, from conversations with our fellow human beings, or just the stream of thoughts running through our own heads. I believe that you can turn a negative thought habit into a positive one using affirmations. 

The word affirmation comes from the root Latin word affirmare, which means "to make steady, strengthen, confirm." Using affirmations can help you reinforce positive aspects of your personality and your being and help to transform your life. Saying them aloud, hearing then in your own voice is a fantastic way to start rewiring your brain, generating positive emotions, and increasing the number of feel-good hormones in your system. 

Check out the affirmations below, and when you find one that resonates with you, begin a practice of saying it out loud several times a day - start your day on a positive note, and end it that way, too, by saying the affirmation before you go to sleep. After 21 to 28 days of consistent positive reinforcement, you will feel better, have a more positive outlook, and a new, positive habit you can keep for a lifetime!

My spirit calls me to action, and I cannot stand aside, and watch injustices and mistreatment of others happen silently.

It might seem like a pipe dream (or just a little woo-woo) that writing in a journal could be so beneficial. But the scientific evidence is in, and gratitude journals DO benefit you in big ways if you keep one for the long term and use it daily.

When I look at my accomplishments considering the trials of my past and my present, my heart fills with pride

No matter what challenges may come my way in pursuit of my goals, I am flexible and able to adapt. I have let go of the need to cling to the illusion of control over my circumstances.

I only need to do my best to ensure I am eventually successful. Every obstacle can be overcome by my best effort. My best is enough in all circumstances.

My beauty is as endless as the amount of kindness I can show to others. I embrace fully the good, warm, fuzzy feelings I get when I make a positive difference in someone else’s life.