We are bombarded by messages all day long - from advertising and marketing, from conversations with our fellow human beings, or just the stream of thoughts running through our own heads. I believe that you can turn a negative thought habit into a positive one using affirmations. 

The word affirmation comes from the root Latin word affirmare, which means "to make steady, strengthen, confirm." Using affirmations can help you reinforce positive aspects of your personality and your being and help to transform your life. Saying them aloud, hearing then in your own voice is a fantastic way to start rewiring your brain, generating positive emotions, and increasing the number of feel-good hormones in your system. 

Check out the affirmations below, and when you find one that resonates with you, begin a practice of saying it out loud several times a day - start your day on a positive note, and end it that way, too, by saying the affirmation before you go to sleep. After 21 to 28 days of consistent positive reinforcement, you will feel better, have a more positive outlook, and a new, positive habit you can keep for a lifetime!

I avoid focusing on the trees, so I don’t lose sight of the lush, beautiful forest before me. I have a panoramic, expansive view of life. My eyes focus on the beauty of the whole and are not distracted by minutia. To see the bigger picture, I take a step back from where I am and adjust my focus so that my vision can become reality.

I am like a chameleon. I can blend into my preferred environments easily. Whether it is a new workplace, neighborhood, social circle, or family, I can always see things from the perspective of others. Because of this, I am welcomed everywhere I go.

If you have had a difficult time trusting yourself – including not fearing to be wrong because you trust your sense of what’s right – it may be a sign that you lack confidence.
You cannot develop any trust or let go of the fear of being wrong without increasing your sense of confidence. Ideally, you should feel secure in your abilities and be strong in your convictions. But it’s valuable (and wise) to know when you are wrong as well.

We are individual people having a shared experience – we’ve all “been there, done that” …perhaps you’re “there” right now. Where? In that less-than-perfect place where day-to-day life is challenging, your calendar is unrecognizable, your self-care is suffering, you’re afraid of the COVID-19 virus, you’re missing the in-person connections with family and friends, and it

When you accept yourself, it’s easier to be happy with who you are, and to overcome obstacles. If you fall short of a goal, accepting yourself means you encourage yourself instead of beating yourself up – you’ll know and believe that it’s okay to make a second (or third, or multiple) attempt at achieving a goal.

Standing confidently on my own two feet means that I am the master of my own decisions. I am independent, confident of my abilities, and choose to follow a path that I define instead of being herded by the crowd. I am strong and intelligent, and I can make my own way in life.

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