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May 3, 2021

I Change my Life by Transforming Myself

Read the affirmation below aloud. Loud enough for your mind to hear your voice saying the words and notice how you feel. Feeling better? Repeat this affirmation at least twice a day – morning, and night – for 21 to 28 days.

Affirmations are powerful, positive sentences that can change your mindset. Don’t focus on challenges and lack, but on healthy self-esteem and unshakeable self-confidence.

Comment below that you’ve started this process. Add entries in your journal each day as to how you’re feeling. Note the positive changes you’ve made and celebrate them! Send me a note using the contact form and let me know how you’re doing!

Changing myself is the most effective way to change my life.

I have control over who and what I am, and equally importantly, who and what I am becoming. I create my life and my world. I have authority over my reactions and I can change at any time. Changes within myself lead to changes in my environment and help me get closer to my goals every single day. 

I have the power to create and control my destiny. I am free from the belief that forces outside my control dictate my life. We are all creators and destroyers with the ability to choose our experiences. I choose experiences that build on my strengths, help me conquer and overcome challenges, and expand my learning and knowledge.

There are times when doubt creeps into my mind, but I am able to remember the truth. I spend more time thinking about what I have accomplished and my dreams for the future than what others would push me to do, say or be.

By transforming myself, I can turn any situation around.

I reinforce my agency and my authority over my life by remembering other challenging situations I was able to overcome. My efforts have brought positive change, and I remember that they helped me build authentic strength and commitment to building the life I want to live. These memories give me the courage to transform myself in authentic ways that feel right in my heart and in my spirit.

I keep a list of my desired and achieved qualities. I review the list whenever I need to, and imagine myself already possessing any missing characteristics. I am surprised by how I can quickly evolve into a more effective version of myself.

I am free from limitations. I am evolving. I do not fear change or transformation, because I am driving the process,

Today, I am taking the necessary steps to transform myself in positive ways. Transformations are the key to creating positive change in my life. The life I desire is quickly coming to me. I am prepared for its arrival.

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About the Author

Dianne M. Daniels is a wife, mother, grandmother, great-great-aunt, Unitarian-Universalist Minister, Spiritual Director & Companion that empowers intelligent, passionate women to discover and manifest the best of who they are and who they want to be. Dianne's focus is on providing immediately applicable tools, tips, and information that can help you get results. Setting a foundation for lasting change - one day at a time, can happy by using the written word and multi-media input to you absorb wisdom, implement positive change, and develop routines that build your self-esteem, self-confidence, and capacity. Her signature program, The Spiritually Authentic Woman, empowers you to create a new, more joyful life as you let go of living the way OTHERS think you should while discovering your unique, authentic self.

Dianne Daniels

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