Meditation – Focus Your Thoughts, Increase Your Awareness, Feed Your Spirit

Meditation is a practice of contemplation or reflection - including considering a subject or object with attention, and engaging in the mental exercise of concentration on your breathing or on the repetition of a mantra so that you can reach a higher level of spiritual awareness.

The word meditation can also be used as a verb - it's something you DO.  When you want to understand something or someone more deeply, you meditate on it or on them. You can use meditation to gain deeper knowledge about yourself, your path in life, awareness of your strengths and challenges, and to feed / inspire your spirit. As a mental exercise, meditation involves relaxation, increasing and refining your focus, and building your sense of knowledge and perception.

Check out our posts on Meditation and beginning a Meditative practice, and let me know if you have any questions or need help getting started.

The practice of Meditation can be a challenge for many people. Guided meditation is a meditation practice that involves being led through the meditation via the assistance of a teacher, through in-person, video, or audio teaching.

Typically, guided meditations are helpful for individuals who are new to meditation, because an instructor is able to lead them through the basic steps of starting a meditation practice

Guided Meditations: Perfect For Beginners To Meditating – Guided meditations are recorded meditations that lead the listener/practitioner through a series of steps – including visualizations, breath control, sounds, and more in order to create a new reality.

Sometimes it can feel like our minds are moving too fast to even get a handle on, and the outside world is distracting and overwhelming. If and when this happens, we can look to guided meditations to help set us on the path to empowerment with meditation.

Guided meditation can be used by anyone, it is more frequently used by those new to meditation, as the added assistance and support of a teacher can be helpful when first beginning upon the practice, and while establishing the habit of meditation.

Meditation is both a mind and body practice that focuses on the interaction between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. While there are numerous types of meditation, the common thread amongst them all tends to be an enhanced focus that trains attention and awareness.

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