Meditation – Focus Your Thoughts, Increase Your Awareness, Feed Your Spirit

Meditation is a practice of contemplation or reflection - including considering a subject or object with attention, and engaging in the mental exercise of concentration on your breathing or on the repetition of a mantra so that you can reach a higher level of spiritual awareness.

The word meditation can also be used as a verb - it's something you DO.  When you want to understand something or someone more deeply, you meditate on it or on them. You can use meditation to gain deeper knowledge about yourself, your path in life, awareness of your strengths and challenges, and to feed / inspire your spirit. As a mental exercise, meditation involves relaxation, increasing and refining your focus, and building your sense of knowledge and perception.

Check out our posts on Meditation and beginning a Meditative practice, and let me know if you have any questions or need help getting started.

Nature can teach me many lessons about how to live a fulfilling life, and how to thrive within my life. When I am able to notice and enjoy the simple things in life, I increase my ability to thrive on simplicity. When I see the beauty of birds, trees, plants, and the world around me,

Modern life has allowed for new ways to engage with mindfulness practices that can be beneficial for busy, often over-stimulated lives. Let’s look at some options to help to tap into the benefits of these age-old practices.

When you experience stress or other events that seem to be out of your control, you can experience a level of fear over what’s coming. Instead of worrying about the future or stressing about the past, it can be helpful to look at ourselves from the inside out and examine our beliefs about ourselves. Are they authentic beliefs? Do they have to be true?

When our bodies react to the environment, it can be hard to define and understand the symptoms, and potentially challenging to get to the authentic root cause of the reaction. Let’s look at what Stress Responses are, and how Guided Meditations can help.

The practice of Meditation can be a challenge for many people. Guided meditation is a meditation practice that involves being led through the meditation via the assistance of a teacher, through in-person, video, or audio teaching.

Typically, guided meditations are helpful for individuals who are new to meditation, because an instructor is able to lead them through the basic steps of starting a meditation practice

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