Spirituality – Personal Growth, Fulfillment, and Reflection

I respond to others based on my spirit instead of my circumstances.

As I face each new day, I expect to be greeted by a wide range of situations. Although some situations are difficult to handle, I maintain my sense of calmness.

Read the affirmation below aloud. Loud enough for your mind to hear your voice saying the words and notice how you feel. Feeling better? Repeat this affirmation at least twice a day – morning, and night – for 21 to 28 days. Affirmations are powerful, positive sentences that can change your mindset. Don’t focus on

I have a magnetic and dynamic personality, I am happy with myself, and want to share everything that makes up the authentic me with the world.

My spirit calls me to action, and I cannot stand aside, and watch injustices and mistreatment of others happen silently.

We are overwhelmed by lives that cause us to wear out and forget to stay in the moment and experience gratitude. Journaling can help us be more intentional, begin and remain in a more grounded mindset, and focus on what matters most to us.

Commitment can be defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity – what if instead (or in addition to) a cause or activity, you were dedicated to your own self-development?

Are you searching for deeper, spiritually authentic meaning in your life? You’re not alone; the hectic demands of life in the 21st-century has made many people feel disconnected.

Many of us perfectly imperfect human beings go through life with interests that we never truly explore, nurture, and enjoy because we are too concerned about what others think. Of course, that’s no way to live, and it certainly would NOT be described as Spiritually Authentic!

Depending on the outcome you desire from journaling, you can design, create and manifest (i.e. make real) a journaling practice that accommodates your unique, spiritually authentic needs, and your personal preferences and habits.

Adding something new to your daily routine can be challenging, but it’s helpful to know what the benefits of the change are or will be to help motivate you to make the change and make it “stick.”