Spirituality – Personal Growth, Fulfillment, and Reflection

Spirituality can be defined many ways, but at its core, it involves identifying and upholding values that are important to you. Living according to those authentic values produces consistency in your life - your responses to any situation you face in your daily life is predicted by what you value. When you commit to exploring and deepening your spirituality, you develop deeper reservoirs of honesty in your life, clearing your mind of doubt and stress. Building (or re-building) your spiritual foundation helps you deal with tough decisions, avoids complicating your life, keeps your actions consistent, and brings you peace. 

Here, you'll find articles and affirmations to help you discern your current spiritual path, start a new path, or to strengthen already positive habits.

Explore, and enjoy!

When seeking a life of completeness and harmony, you absolutely must address the spiritual aspect of your life. Without personal spirituality, you lose purpose, drive, and meaning in your life.

Using affirmations is a practice that empowers us to heal from within and allows us to cancel, negate and correct old, negative thought patterns.

As you explore the world, mature, and define who you authentically are, you can’t help but discover the world of personal spirituality. This is a normal and healthy part of authentic growth and development and involves a journey that will guide you during your life, leading you toward a sense of peace and contentment that can enhance the rest of your life.

There is nothing more beautiful than having found your personal spiritual path. That said, there’s nothing quite so complicated as knowing how to develop it in ways which will constantly challenge you and change you for the better.

Affirmation is the practice of constructive (positive) thought and the reinforcement of conviction by the present writing of statements or phrases. Simply put, positive thought, reinforced by writing down those positive thoughts in present-day terms, is the key to positive change.

Affirmations also allow us to create the reality we want – whether that is to attract riches or love, power, health, or happiness.

Modern life has allowed for new ways to engage with mindfulness practices that can be beneficial for busy, often over-stimulated lives. Let’s look at some options to help to tap into the benefits of these age-old practices.

When you experience stress or other events that seem to be out of your control, you can experience a level of fear over what’s coming. Instead of worrying about the future or stressing about the past, it can be helpful to look at ourselves from the inside out and examine our beliefs about ourselves. Are they authentic beliefs? Do they have to be true?

When our bodies react to the environment, it can be hard to define and understand the symptoms, and potentially challenging to get to the authentic root cause of the reaction. Let’s look at what Stress Responses are, and how Guided Meditations can help.

The practice of Meditation can be a challenge for many people. Guided meditation is a meditation practice that involves being led through the meditation via the assistance of a teacher, through in-person, video, or audio teaching.

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