Spirituality – Personal Growth, Fulfillment, and Reflection

Spirituality can be defined many ways, but at its core, it involves identifying and upholding values that are important to you. Living according to those authentic values produces consistency in your life - your responses to any situation you face in your daily life is predicted by what you value. When you commit to exploring and deepening your spirituality, you develop deeper reservoirs of honesty in your life, clearing your mind of doubt and stress. Building (or re-building) your spiritual foundation helps you deal with tough decisions, avoids complicating your life, keeps your actions consistent, and brings you peace. 

Here, you'll find articles and affirmations to help you discern your current spiritual path, start a new path, or to strengthen already positive habits.

Explore, and enjoy!

The practice of Meditation can be a challenge for many people. Guided meditation is a meditation practice that involves being led through the meditation via the assistance of a teacher, through in-person, video, or audio teaching.

I have control over who and what I am, and equally importantly, who and what I am becoming.

Typically, guided meditations are helpful for individuals who are new to meditation, because an instructor is able to lead them through the basic steps of starting a meditation practice

Guided Meditations: Perfect For Beginners To Meditating – Guided meditations are recorded meditations that lead the listener/practitioner through a series of steps – including visualizations, breath control, sounds, and more in order to create a new reality.

Each day, something new, inspiring, or interesting happens to me. No day, no moment in time is actually like any other, even if they sometimes seem that way. Because of this truth, I am inspired by the world around me.

Sometimes it can feel like our minds are moving too fast to even get a handle on, and the outside world is distracting and overwhelming. If and when this happens, we can look to guided meditations to help set us on the path to empowerment with meditation.

It is more beneficial to recognize my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses. My positive attributes remind me that there is much I can be successful at.

Guided meditation can be used by anyone, it is more frequently used by those new to meditation, as the added assistance and support of a teacher can be helpful when first beginning upon the practice, and while establishing the habit of meditation.

Meditation is both a mind and body practice that focuses on the interaction between the brain, mind, body, and behavior. While there are numerous types of meditation, the common thread amongst them all tends to be an enhanced focus that trains attention and awareness.

I love following the direction of my soul.

It guides me towards targets that make me both proud and happy. I am sure and certain about what I am inspired to achieve in each aspect of my life. My actions are geared towards those goals that I honestly feel are worth attaining.

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