Spirituality – Personal Growth, Fulfillment, and Reflection

Spirituality can be defined many ways, but at its core, it involves identifying and upholding values that are important to you. Living according to those authentic values produces consistency in your life - your responses to any situation you face in your daily life is predicted by what you value. When you commit to exploring and deepening your spirituality, you develop deeper reservoirs of honesty in your life, clearing your mind of doubt and stress. Building (or re-building) your spiritual foundation helps you deal with tough decisions, avoids complicating your life, keeps your actions consistent, and brings you peace. 

Here, you'll find articles and affirmations to help you discern your current spiritual path, start a new path, or to strengthen already positive habits.

Explore, and enjoy!

If you don’t feel very inspired right now, the good news is that you can change the way you look at things and, in doing so, you’ll welcome more inspiration into your life.

My path in life is clearer when I maintain an inner spiritual connection.

Fortunately, it can be easier than you think to find a source of inspiration that will motivate you and keep you on the right path toward your goals.

My soul deserves nourishment because it keeps me grounded through challenging times.

My faith is bigger than my difficulties. When I start to feel overwhelmed, I remember that my faith is bigger than my difficulties. I take refuge in my spiritual beliefs.

I respond to others based on my spirit instead of my circumstances.

As I face each new day, I expect to be greeted by a wide range of situations. Although some situations are difficult to handle, I maintain my sense of calmness.

My spirit needs nourishment just like my body and mind. I intentionally cultivate good spiritual health. I consciously deepen my capacity for love, compassion, and joy.

I have a magnetic and dynamic personality, I am happy with myself, and want to share everything that makes up the authentic me with the world.

My spirit calls me to action, and I cannot stand aside, and watch injustices and mistreatment of others happen silently.

We are overwhelmed by lives that cause us to wear out and forget to stay in the moment and experience gratitude. Journaling can help us be more intentional, begin and remain in a more grounded mindset, and focus on what matters most to us.