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June 15, 2020

Find and Take The Blessing from Every Lesson

Try something with me: say the following sentence out loud, loud enough for you to hear your own voice saying it, and say it in a way that conveys that you MEAN it. That doesn’t mean you have to yell or sound angry but state it as a fact, with certainty and commitment:

I take the blessing from every lesson.

Things will happen in life that we are unable to control or change, and black framed panto-style eyeglasses beside black ballpoint penwhile it’s hard, we have to accept that. However, even if we are incapable of influencing a situation, we can still learn from them. One of my mother’s favorite sayings was “It’s a poor day when you don’t learn something.”

Since I began my journey toward ministry, I’ve made it a point to intentionally work to receive the blessing from every lesson, even if it is a challenging one that makes me flex my spiritual muscles or an unfavorable one that brings emotional upset and tears.

Regardless of the situations which confront you, know that you are blessed.

Try saying these next 2 sentences out loud, like the one at the start of this blog post:

I often receive second chances in life, and I view them as opportunities to make right whatever went wrong.

What I learn the first time around helps me negotiate similar situations in the future with more positive results.

When things happen that make us realize how untrustworthy some people are, we learn important lessons about assessing character. In those cases, we can invite in and celebrate being blessed with the spirit of discernment so that we can be protected from bad intentions later down the road.

The blessings of my lessons enable me to help others.

When we come out of a scary experience unscathed, we can know and brown wooden bridge over green trees during daytimeaffirm that we’ve survived a potential tragedy and, take a moment or two to really feel fortunate to be able to talk about it. We should embrace the blessing of testimony – sharing our stories with others – so we can help others make it through similar situations.

Today, realize and state out loud your commitment to discovering the blessing that lies within every occurrence. Decide to also appreciate that every experience brings with it a chance to use the blessing you discover to impact the lives of others through your honest and heartfelt testimony.

That doesn’t mean you need a pulpit and an audience to preach your white ceramic teacup on white ceramic saucer on tablemessage – in fact, it’s much easier than that. Just share your experiences and what you’ve learned with those who have “ears to hear.” You might be surprised how much impact you can have on those around you, and it’ll be one more step forward along your journey to Spiritual Authenticity.

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About the Author

Dianne M. Daniels is a Consultant and Candidate Unitarian Universalist Minister that empowers intelligent, passionate women to discover and manifest the best of who they are and who they want to be.Her signature program, The Spiritually Authentic Woman, teaches how to create a new, more joyful life as you let go of living the way OTHERS think you should while tapping into your uniquely authentic spirituality.

Dianne Daniels

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