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Knowing Yourself through Knowing Your Ancestors

I delivered this sermon for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Danbury, CT in March 2020 – I was guest preaching there and I was honored

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Spiritual Resilience

DivaStyleCEO · Spiritual ResilienceToday, I want to talk with about Spiritual Resilience. This term came up in my reading for one of my classes at

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Stop Overthinking and Become an Action Taker

DivaStyleCEO · Stop Overthinking and Become an Action Taker​If fear is the opposite of progress, then action is the opposite of hesitation. Hesitation comes from

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January 2020 – Kicking Off the New Year

Are You Glad 2019 Is Over? If the last twelve months brought you - in no particular order - excess stress, strained relationships, calamity, trials,

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