One of my mother’s favorite sayings, and one I’ll never forget, is related to daily

“If you want to change some things in your life, you’ve got to change some

My previous post entitled “Spiritual But Not Religious Ranks Growing in the U.S.” referred to

The times, they are a-changing – that song lyric is proving to be more and

Each day, I cultivate new perspectives and inspiration from the world around me. I enjoy

If only we didn’t keep repeating our mistakes…what a wonderful world it would be! Some

Have you ever spent any time thinking about who you are – your Spiritually authentic

I will Intentionally Notice and Celebrate “Silver Lining Moments.” What are “Silver Lining Moments?” Those

Our world keeps getting busier and busier, and you’re probably feeling it – there doesn’t

The word foundation is defined as “an underlying basis or principle” – it’s what you