Journaling Posts

Stress affects everyone at some time in their lives. For some people, it’s more of a problem with their genetics, and for some, it’s due to their situation. Whatever the reason you are stressed, congratulations on recognizing it and wanting to do something about it.

Keeping any type of journal on a consistent basis will improve your mental health in both the short-term and over the longer term.  However, if you
really want to tackle a specific problem you’re having, related to your mental health, it will help to determine the right type of journal to keep.

Any type of journal that you keep can result in positive effects in your life and habits, but more effective journaling – actually making changes happen and “stick” – helps you gain results faster and more consistently.

We lovable, quirky, perfectly imperfect human beings are also creatures of habit. Even for people who love change, change is the habit we must be intentional about not missing opportunities to improve our lives.

It takes deliberate, focused, positive action to engage creativity and think out of the box. Journaling is a fantastic way to jumpstart your creativity and think out of the box.

Journaling can help you achieve your goals because it’ll force you to think about them, consider the why and how, and venture deeper into the situation so that you can examine all sides of it.

I intentionally set my eyes and my mindset to see the positive in every situation – a chance to be a problem-solver. Challenges serve only one purpose: to help me grow. Looking at my daily walk, my life, and my challenges through positive eyes empowers me to embrace them and to act with confidence as a problem-solver.

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