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Hi, I'm Dianne Daniels


I'm the CEO and Founder of DivaStyle Ministry and the creator of The Spiritually Authentic Woman. I'm SO excited that you're here and that you've requested the download of my Spiritually Authentic Woman Daily Checklist - you should have it in your email very shortly.

Daily Checklists are really powerful tools for helping you to gain more of what you want in your life - and supplementing the Spiritually Authentic Woman Daily Checklist with the companion 60-day journal is a great way to document your progress over an extended period of time. You'll deepen and enhance your learning, adopt new positive and productive habits, and gain a clear understanding of why the changes you're making are SO worth the effort.

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The Top Benefits of Starting & Keeping a Physical Journal
Can Be Yours TODAY with 
The Spiritually Authentic Woman 60-Day Journal

  • Keep your thoughts around your spiritually authentic life and journey organized and ensure they are understandable
  • Set and achieve your goals related to your use of the Spiritually Authentic Woman Daily Checklist
  • Relieve stress and get your thoughts and feelings out of your head and down on paper as you evolve and change
  • Allow yourself to self-reflect on days past and what you've learned while you create new, positive habits
  • Boost your memory - celebrate your victories and your strengths as you make positive progress toward your goals

You'll also recieve four (4) helpful articles on how you can benefit from journaling, how to get started journaling, and helpful tips on making journaling a daily activity.

Creating a new, positive habit can take more time because of the speed at which our lives move - give yourself the luxury of time - 60 days - to help you create and maintain a new Spiritually Authentic journaling habit.

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